HSB Brf.Brunna, Hallunda

Tomtbergavägen 20-124, 145 75 Norsborg, Sweden

Now you can follow the transformation of the “million program area” Brf. Brunna. How that “ugly duckling” becomes a beautiful swan. The housing association’s primarily intention is  to create a completely new look for the area of 37 houses.















The existing houses consist of a “sandwich element”, an inner and an outer concrete element with insulation between. The Stofix wall brackets are fixed between the inner and outer concrete elements, to ensure the strength of the structure. The outer walls will be extra-insulated (80 mm) and cladded with Stofix ventilated brick slip cladding system. The housing association’s goal is to create a new look with a new character for the area. The new roofs will be equipped with solar panels. The brick slips come from Feldhaus Klinker. Architect of the project is Carlo Diociaiuti, from Lumen Architects.



Details of the building

Address Tomtbergavägen 20-124, 145 75 Norsborg
Architect / Designer Carlo Diociaiuti, Lumen Arkitekter
Contractor Stofix Ab


Brick Feldhaus R693NF, R677NF, R688NF
Joints R610, R80, R113
Bond 1/2

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