Brick slip cladding – a modern construction method used in education buildings

November 6th, 2020

Bob Coleman, Stofix UK Technical Sales Manager discusses why brick slip cladding meets the demand for modern construction methods in education buildings.

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson is releasing £1bn to fund 50 school building projects in England next year. It will form the first part of a new 10-year school multi-wave modernisation plan and kick-starts wider plans to speed up …

Sector Focus – Growing popularity of Stofix throughout residential projects

November 5th, 2020

Alex Porter, Stofix UK Operations Director outlines why Stofix brick slip cladding is so popular with specifiers for residential projects in the UK.

“Tradition brick remains hugely popular throughout UK home builders, and this shows no sign of decline. However using traditional brick can be time consuming and labour intensive. It also requires a fully trained Bricklayer. Brick slip cladding …

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